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But i didn't see it yet...!, But i favorited this flash and favorited you and vote this a 5/5!

Bahamut is the greatest dragon on Newgrounds! :D

Bahamut is awesome on Newgrounds!, He is a Forum Moderator on Newgrounds!, Newgrounds like him so much that he was the 1st dragon who signed up on Newgrounds in 2004!, Bahamut's friend is RupeeClock!, Which is a friend of him on the BBS since 2005!, I do like RupeeClock and Bahamut's flash submissions for some reason because how awesome they are!, B rules!, Afro_Stud was kind of Bahamut's friend!, Afro_Stud likes Pink!, I know that Bahamut and RupeeClock made their life on Newgrounds flashes! Here is alot of reasons why i like Bahamut and RupeeClock! :D 1. They are so awesome and cool! 2. They both are on the same level on Newgrounds! 3. They have the same whistle status on Newgrounds! 4. Both of them are friends on the BBS in 2005! 5. Both of them like StrawberryClock and their famous flash "B" 6. RupeeClock is between with Commander and Sup. Commander rank! 7. Bahamut is on Sup. Commander on Newgrounds! 8. Bahamut likes Corky52 and gfoxcook and Casualty! 9. I like Casualty website which is Newgrounds Log! :D 10. Both of their flash skill is awesome and 1337! 11. Both of them like Clock Day! 12. Both of them kinda have a lot of PMs 13. Both of them have alot of reviews! 14. Both of them have alot of BBS quality! 15. Both of them kinda has alot of Review quality! 16. I like NG so much that i made a long News post on my NG Gold profile! 17. I like Corky52's Birthday Collab on Newgrounds! 18. I like Corky52 because he has alot of reviews like Bahamut and RupeeClock! 19. I am the greatest and responable Newgrounder! 20. Newgrounds And YouTube is the awesome and great websites ever! :D I vote this flash submission a 5/5!, Favorited this flash submission and favorited you! :D

ThePigeonMaster responds:

Have you ever looked at Bahamut's BBS signature picture?
You're living up to its message ;)

That is the funniest flash i ever seen RupeeClock!

It is awesome!, Make another flash movie! LOL! :D It is so funny and freakin' awesome!, I can't wait! :D xD

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Famous and great flash game submission! :D

The only thing many people like this Flash submission and some people hated it is because of some reasons that i would for people! :D 1. It is about the Real Newgrounds! 2. In this game you can be a moderator!, A affilate!, Or better yet an Adminstrator! :D 3. You can do whatever you wanted to do in this game! :D 4. The Tom Fulp Voice and the End game artwork that many people saw but some people including me didn't hear or saw it! 5. The flashes the Members in this game made alot and have alot of portal awards!

Newgrounds Achievements 2 is the best flash game!

I told i will reviewed the sequel!, I will be the greatest reviewer on Newgrounds!, The only on Newgrounds that i have over 20 reviews in my Newgrounds Gold Profile!, Cool game series!, I wish their is a 3rd one of Newgrounds Achievements! :D xD

WOW Dude a lot of Achievements!

This must be the greatest Flash game because there is alot of Achievements!, The only thing i loved them is because i am the greatest reviewer ever on Newgrounds except that i have over 20 reviews!, But i will make a lot of reviews on Art!, Audio and Flash!, P.S This achievements kinda look like Newgrounds SIM v1.2 Sticker Achievements!, And when you get every sticker achievement on Newgrounds SIM v1.2!, You will get a sweet suprise!, But however to get the final sticker achievement that is not on the sticker list which if you have to be a Site Adminstrator on Newgrounds SIM v1.2 you need to get alot of cool points to be a Site Adminstrator on Newgrounds SIM v1.2!, P.S I will submit a review on the sequel on Newgrounds Achievements! :D

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This is your 400th review! :D

I like Your Hat really rocks make a sequel or not! :D - NGReviewFan


This audio submission is so awesome on the Newgrounds Audio Submission Portal on Newgrounds! :D

WOAH!, Great audio submission on Newgrounds! :D

I can't believe this is on The Front Audio Portal page! :D

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Funny art submission!

LOL! :D xD The funny and the awesomeness! :D xD

Great Art Submission Myarbrough! :D


Myarbrough responds:



Well done Myarbrough!, You are the great! :D

I am the review God!, LOL! xD

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